14 thoughts on “Gametime App Review & Discount Code!

  1. Has anyone used this app I want to buy some tickets and I’m thinking of buying them on here but I want to make sure that it is legit cause they are expensive

  2. does this app send notifications if you follow a specific event and want to keep track on the tickets when cheap tickets are being posted?

  3. The App Seems to be good so far .but the biggest negative it only shows tickets for the major cities of that state for example in Tennessee it may show Nashville and Memphis but it won't show Jackson TN. and they have their own Arena to host things such as sporting events or concerts. but as far as I've seen it's not listed.

  4. there are other fees besides the ticket. for examples, you ill see a price of a ticket at $14 and when you purchase it the total will be $17 , it even says ($14 + $3 fees)

  5. My brothers friend bought tickets with gametime before the dodger game he was going to and when he went to scan the ticket they said the tickets were already used. Any reason to why this happened?

  6. App does look great, but I have one question… video says there are no other fees like on Ticketmaster/etc… except when I'm looking at tickets to a game, the ticket is $16, but when I select it, the 'total price' listed is $23… $16 ticket price + $7 total fees. What part of 'no fees' did I misunderstand?

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