10 thoughts on “Giveaways+Black Friday Sales Discount coupons Banggood.com 2020 Live Stream (Free gifts youtube)

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    Please read all below information regarding Giveaways live stream+discount coupons!

    ✅Banggood Black Friday Sale: Nov.12th-Nov.28th 16:00(UTC+8)

    ✅Shopping Guide : https://ban.ggood.vip/VXIt

    ✅Banggood Black Friday Sale:https://ban.ggood.vip/VXIu

    💟My giveaway discount coupons Banggood-https://bit.ly/3h7xhVN

    Giveaway Bill Free items:

    What is Bill Free Giveaway? Explained below+and in my live stream also!

    First live stream: https://youtu.be/LPbROClXFrM

    For first live stream Event, 2 giveaway items Bill Free Rules:

    ➡️GamaKay K87 keyboard (3x Free): https://bit.ly/3kFizXz

    ➡️BlitzWolf® BW-VP8 projector (1x Free): https://bit.ly/36NFYB7

    💟My giveaway SECOND live stream is in 2 days: https://youtu.be/Cqhu0_HYNDI

    For second live stream Event, 2 live stream giveaway items:

    ➡️1x Giveaway Alldocube X Neo tablet: https://bit.ly/35HHzJJ

    ➡️2x Giveaways Haylou T16 earbuds: https://bit.ly/2IEcduh

    If you don't win, try to buy some products from this live stream, support my channel!

    ✅Rules of Giveaway-Bill Free products for Black Friday:

    I will withdraw winners from users who have purchased the product that has been assigned as 'free' during the live stream! Winners can get a refund of that 'free' product.

    Please provide us with the user order number, user mailbox, and free product links. If there is another product in the same order besides the free product, please provide us with the pain amount and currency of the free product.


    1. If there is another product in the same order besides the free product, Banggood will only refund the free product, they will not refund entire order that has other additional products purchases by some user.

    2. Giveaway free products are limited, only few for the fastest buyers!

    3. If the order is Invalid or the user applies by himself for a Refund, the free product will not be refunded!

    4. Please provide the information Banggood need within 7 days from the end of live stream event!

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