12 thoughts on “Givenchy Gentlemen Only Discount Fragrance Sites

  1. Damn Bro, you read my mind.. I've been waiting to buy when I figured out which one is the best and now because of you I know!!

  2. I heard of a fragrance named Insomnia and is a clone of Black Phantom but some people have said it’s better cost is roughly $83.00.

  3. Hello Christian, how are you? Great job as usual! I don't have any Givenchy Fragrances. I hear Pi is very good?? Stay safe brother

  4. Perfect video as always. I have all the fragrances that you mention , in my 200 plus collection. Should have kept some of my bottles from the late 80's and onward😊. Hmm I really cant smell the similarity between Valentino and the Dior🤔🤔

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