31 thoughts on “GLOSSYBOX Advent Calendar US 2020 Unboxing + Discount Code + $550 Value +

  1. The presentation on this box is gorgeous! So much fun to have an advent calendar with beauty items. Sent to you for review- that’s awesome Sue!

  2. loved your review Sue. Your too funny. I love 💕 your personality! Amazing advent calendar! so many goodies! I think I'm going to purchase this Advent calendar! Thanks again Sue! 🤗

  3. I got glossybox a few times. The thing is I LOVE their presentation. The boxes are beautiful and sturdy. The beautiful gift wrap with the sticker. However, when it comes to products they could never live up to boxycharm. Boxycharm doesn't have a good presentation at all but the products are bomb. Much love Sue 🙂

  4. Hey pretty lady! I love it. I wish I could get one but financially I can't. I got hit by the hurricane here in Louisiana very bad. I lost all my food and damage to my home.

  5. Sue, that's awesome!! Glossybox, sent you this for REVIEW!!…You're being even more discovered…yeah-hoo!!lol
    This is a cool Advent Calendar!( Over $500+, in value- for $99.00!!) Hope they're not sold out!! .💖💖💖

  6. Wow!! This is Fabulous!! Definitely worth the price!!! Very exciting to get it in PR !!! You are definitely moving up!!! You look Gorgeous by the way!!! 💙❌⭕️

  7. I have thought about this one since last year. It looks so good this year. I always love your hair btw. Have you ever done a video on how you style your hair? I wish mine was as full as yours.

  8. Sue I love your energy. You get so excited about the products. I would definitely get this calendar. I have seen so many of them that nothing really jumps out at me. But this box had some really great things. Thank you for sharing and have a great week

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