36 thoughts on “GTA 5 – NEW VEHICLE, DISCOUNTS, DOUBLE MONEY AND MORE!! | New Event Week January 14th 2021

  1. Hey guys can i win the toreador even if i already have it. Because i don’t want to sell it and don’t win it back. Pls

  2. With the wheel, ive found that the traditional method doesn't work for me anymore – so instead i move the joystick from 9 to 3 slowly

  3. The casino should have a list of what cars they will put on the wheel
    Especially when in this case everyone bought the toreador

  4. I don't mean to be mean but has anyone here ever bought something from digizani I mean the prices are good but is it safe (sorry if I made It come of hateful not my intention)

  5. Nooo i want Stratos on podium not this car and i want normal version of this car no nos no submarine and no weapons!!

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