47 thoughts on “GTA 5 – New Years Event Week – DOUBLE MONEY & Discounts (Property & Vehicle)

  1. My account got reset back in the ban wave, so I'm just hoping a good weaponized vehicle comes to the podium it's always nice to expand your arsenal.

  2. I just walked into the casino on New Year’s Eve and saw the race car ok? So I then go to the wheel to do my spin minding my own business. I then did my spin on the while and to a big surprise, I snipe straight on the car space and took it home. I was very happy winning my very first car from the lucky wheel and it was a great way to end that disastrous year! 🏎

  3. Can someone please tell me how to get money in this game…is it supposed to be this slow? It seems like I have to play 24 hrs a day for a month straight just to buy a submarine for the heist.

  4. Is it normal that I still won't receive the third and final call from english dave? I've done the first two requests but I've been waiting a few days now and still didn't get the final one where he asks you to bring back those chakra stones.

  5. I got this car first spin but I already owned one from the criminal pack too bad this one didn’t have any upgrades

  6. Probably the worst possible podium vehicle. As said in previous comments this is free with Enterprise pack. Not only that but the car itself is crap.

  7. Why did they take all the festive clothing away? Like I had a bunch of it and had bought clothing to match certain free festive items and now they are just gone

  8. Every time I do the English Dave mission for the Chakra Stones it glitches. Third time up happened I just gave up.

  9. Personally, I prefer the moc over the nightshark. That's the only ly thing keeping me from getting twitch prime this week

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