30 thoughts on “GTA 5 Online Update: TRIPLE MONEY! New Podium Car (Free Car)! + Discounts & Double Money (GTA V)

  1. I knew all these things before watching this, but left a like anyway. btw, am I the only one leaving likes for the work youtubers put in? even if it's a bad video or good

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  3. I honestly think Rockstar needs to be come up with a better podium vehicle list. It seems that every week it’s a sports car or an open wheel car. I’m not saying they should put the Mk 2 on it which i hope they don’t. I just think they should do a better assortment such as in no particular order: Ramp buggy, Firetruck, Coquette D10, Stromberg, Tempesta, etc…

  4. When you do your next video go in a helicopter and go all the way high until you can no longer go up and then jump out of it and try to make it on the tallest building on gta 5 which is the maze bank building
    EDIT: Yes it can be any helicopter

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