39 thoughts on “GTA 5 Online Weekly Update Details! New Hummer! Vehicle Discounts! 50% More Cayo Perico! & More!!

  1. Prime Gaming Rewards:
    – Free Kosatka Sonar Station
    – GTA$200K
    – 70% Off Tyrus ($765,000)
    – 35% Off Annihilator Stealth ($2,515,500 – $1,886,625)

  2. I had a heist already set up and I got 1.9 from it solo and I'm doing it now all my secondary targets were cash not one pile of gold

  3. I'm confused on the free setup cost? Can someone explain that to me? I already bought the submarine and all the upgrades so….

  4. This video was uploaded 4 hours ago and already has 2 dislikes. How sad does your life have to be to wait this man to upload and dislike it immediately? Like what 0.o

  5. You have slowed your talking speed to a normal level and it seems weird to me coz back in the day you used to rap really fast and I thought you could compete with eminem if not beat him. The video is superb.

  6. wait so, can you just buy all the setups? so then all you have to do is scope out the island and just buy setups? so then they're basically giving free cayo perico heists

  7. spin wheel vehicle annoys me , you were supposed to play the game and earn the vehicle by completing the casino penthouse missions and now its just free for all the spin wheel glitchers and people who haven’t done the missions

  8. Yo I just done the scope out and got the tequela I've just come on to the kosatka to start the prep missions and it's showing the tequela but its says $1.485.000 do u think this is a bug/glitch or is rockstar bein kind to us I've screen shotted it I'll send u it if u want on xbox

  9. Hai mr mondie can’t wait to try the new vehicle hopefully you can customise it and it’s not a Pegasus vehicle . Double money on the safe and main target in Cayo and free set up coast ? Let’s goo I love the cayo heist I do it ever day white my friend and we do casinos Heist straight after

  10. Hy Nice Video but its not correkt from Rockstar the Podium Car!The said its only became from the Mission!wtf sorry my English i come frome Austria we speak German 👍Have a Nice Day✌

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