37 thoughts on “GTA DOUBLE MONEY & DISCOUNTS | GTA ONLINE Weekly Update with TRIPLE MONEY and RP BONUSES This Week

  1. I like his videos because their under 5 min not like other people spent whole time saying random stuff like hit like button, subscribe or something.

  2. OMG i have to much work to do when i finish i will focus on my last ceo wherehouse i need one more fill up i have 3 full just need one more

  3. i m saving money to buy night club terobyte and mk2 i have only 1 small warehouse , shld i invest in a big warehouse this week?

  4. you guys don't know how long I have been waiting for double money for crates. Also I have also wanted double money for mc businesses. We haven't gotten one of those in a while.

  5. This is what I like. Straight and to the point. Not a 10 minute video that repeats everything in order to make more money and its never clear. Thank you

  6. I just spent like 2-3 hours for some days in a row grinding crates and yesterday just filled my 3 larges warehouses i was waiting for this video just cause i know i shouldn't buy/sell in late wednesday and this guy always post a video about the discounts and 2x every thursday like in 4am lol

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