23 thoughts on “GTA Online Best Vehicle Discounts (11th February 2021) – GTA 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide #70

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  2. Kinda hope they release the weaponized Dinghy as the last vehicle in the dlc so we can keep seeing that superimposed picture XD

  3. Yet another lackluster week of bullshittery, yet another week I just won't be getting on. Why does this game suck so much?

  4. Isn’t that brioso in the game already? I swear I have it in my garage. You can take the roof off right? Or is there a way you could get it early…? Or maybe it’s a different model? I swear it’s that one though, I was driving it yesterday.

  5. Gotta love how Rockstar discount the Nightclub and upgrades when literally a week and a half ago I finally bought mine and then yesterday finally maxed out the warehouse space(since it filled up quite fast for me), like they just wait for me to buy shit then discount it lol.

    So advance notice for those who still don't own an Akula I would wait until next week to buy one as I bought one today.

  6. I wonder if they ever clean up PC Online from sadistic modders and other stupid griefing scumbags again. Soon the online mode would have double the player count.

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