35 thoughts on “GTA Online Best Vehicle Discounts (1st October 2020) – GTA 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide #56

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  2. What a strange week. The club is way too much and pay to win not getting it out of principle… Will be odd going into the casino hoping not to win the car and hope to get the 50k

  3. The brawler on the podium they should have put something like the zentoro on it as a celebration of seven years. Ugh scumbags

  4. Am I the only one that has had the same classic car discounts for like 6 weeks straight now? Why isnt rockstar changing the discounts in legendary motorsports? Wtf?

  5. If you thought, that noone ever said: "Lets celebrate this anniversary with a Brawler as a podium vehicle…", Rockstar proved you wrong.

  6. It…is…absolutely…terrible!… Not even the double money modes are worth a damn…a hard skip for me on playing GTA Online this week. What a sad, sad commemoration (or lack thereof) of GTA Online's 7th anniversary by R*…

  7. Me: “ooo I haven’t been on GTA for a bit, let’s watch Broughy’s discount video to see whats what”

    Watches Video

    Also Me: nah forget it

    Thanks for the heads up as usually man

  8. i feel like quite the fool buying every single one of the sports classic cars that were on sale the week that started, leaving myself with barely any money left

  9. Wow we made history ..a 7 year old online game .
    Still going !
    We should do something special …….like what?

    Im Thinking something huge !!

    What !

    2 % off sharkcards should get everyone excited.

  10. As a bonus for 7 year anniversary, every player now has to pay double for all shark cards.

    At least that´s what i expect from Rockstar to do.

  11. This is the perfect update for the 7th Anniversary cause it shows exactly how much R* actually cares for this game lmao. Woo thanks R* heres to another 7 years.

  12. Why not 40% discounts on all the OG classics, like Adder, Zentorno, Entity XF, Cheetah etc.
    Well there's one positive… I don't have to bear the excruciatingly long loading times this week 😉

  13. So like, not even much good grinding resources or even a promo hat or anything? On top of not much discounts?

    Ooof… But at least I can finally buy a vehicle warehouse ig, and stunt races are fun

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