43 thoughts on “GTA Online Best Vehicle Discounts (20th August 2020) – GTA 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide #50

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  2. I bought most of these cars the DAY before this update. If I waited just one more day, I could have saved millions. 🙁

  3. There's no point testing the new vehicles. R* always makes them competitive for like 2 weeks then once everyone who's going to buy one, has one, they Nerf it so it falls into obscurity somewhere in the middle of the class. Then you're going to have to make new videos for the nerfed variants.

  4. I thought Deluxo was the fastest sports classic car in a straight line. Well I guess it's weaponized so that doesn't count for racing.

  5. Was literally considering buying the akula all last week but I told my self let me hold off and see if it gets discounted lol. I woulda been so butt hurt if I actually went through with it.

  6. Lucky I don't have twitch prime or I would have 100 Hellfires. I totally agree the Hellfire is just a ton of fun to drive and it looks amazing and sounds amazing. I don't know how much I have spent but I have over 50 Hellfires across my 5 characters. I would recommend everyone with twitch prime to buy at least one and people without to buy it as well even at 750k it is really well priced. This is my favourite car not just in the game but in every GTA game ever made. Nothing beats this car.

  7. I did not expect R* to put two super cars on the podium in consecutive weeks, I was fully expecting them to put either one of the new sports cars on the podium….

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