23 thoughts on “GTA Online Best Vehicle Discounts (24th September 2020) – GTA 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide #55

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  2. Could the Infernus discount mean something to the future? Like, perhaps some Benny's transformation, and Rockstar is giving us a chance to buy it now to be prepared

  3. 50% of the time I deliver my bunker guns I drive in the circle/smoke and nothing happens. Guns won't get delivered, then I have to restart my Xbox.. Lose $40,000 and hope that it works the next time. Unbelievable, been doing it for like 2 weeks now

  4. i wish rockstar would make the truffade nero discounted i know it was the lucky wheel car once but i was grounded when it came out as a lucky car

  5. VPNs are good not only for videos, but you can for example spin the casino wheel if your country doesnt allow that 😛 For EU players I recommend setting it to Germany.

  6. Remember everybody, if you buy a Sports Classic car, you are liable for a ban.

    The bugs aren’t their fault, they’re your’s. 😉

  7. Time to make a ton of money again with solo Bunker sales! At least I can save my money this week, WHY are the classics still on discount 😂

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