50 thoughts on “GTA Online Best Vehicle Discounts (7th January 2021) – GTA 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide #67

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  2. Weirdly i didn't get the notification for this video, great stuff though thanks broughy! it may not be super fast but i bought two Weevils since i have always wanted a Beetle in the game, i have made one a racer build with camber and the other is stock looking with no spoiler.

  3. I bought both the Stealth Annihilator and the Alkonost day one and flew them once… Haven't touched them since. The Akula blows it's fellow Stealth chopper out of the water (Sky? :D) and the Alkonost handles like absolute trash and has no real use in freemode.

  4. Didn't think the Stealth Annihilator would sell well it is a worse version of the Akula and it doesn't even have bombs. The Akula is worth more than what it does cost but the Stealth Annihilator is worth a million at most. The Alkanost is probably a worse version of the already huge plane that I don't know the name of. Most of the vehicles in this update were just clones of what we already had but most of them not being as good.

  5. not sounding 100% there hope you are doing ok and recovering quickly and take it easy ok. also than you YouTube for nor telling me about this

  6. My Armored Paragon R bugged out the game.
    Does anyone know what to do to get it back/again? Because as far as I know it’s only obtainable once trough the Casino Missions

  7. Looks like some of the vehicles from this last DLC are selling so "good" that they decided to put discounts on them KAPPA

  8. Manchez scout looks like it was designed by very fresh game designer. The rear brake disc moves independently of the wheel, it looks terrible.

  9. I use visione in races with my friends who have kreiegers etc and still win but we mess around and spin each other out 🤣

  10. Can we all appreciate that Brough is very sick and still made a video just for us. We don't deserve him, thank you Adam!

  11. Rockstar have seen those reviews of annihilator and alkonost explaining how shit they are so they gave discount on them lol

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