42 thoughts on “GTA Online Double Money and Discounts This Week (GTA 5 Event Week) Sep 24th – 30th

  1. I wonder if they're giving us double money Bunker sells again due to how bugged out/broken the drop-off marker points were before? Haven't had any issues since or this time around (yet) anyway, but certainly lost out on a lot the first time around due to having to exit/reload game a bunch of times until the damn thing worked :/
    Also f**k this weeks Time Trial, that is all. (least the RC one is infact an EZ $100k!)

  2. So I have prime gaming linked to my ps4 account and I get the free 200k a week but I never see the twitch prime discounts and I don’t have the free nightclub. Does anyone else have the same problem?

  3. Wonder why the classics are still on sale. Maybe rockstar wants us to buy classics for a reason. Either we'll need them in the new map or an employee is really into the 20th century and Vice City

  4. dude rockstar bring back hotring and minis race or like arena war – what are these promos u got rn? i guess i aint playing the game for another week then ey lol…

  5. What are you talking about???????
    You can’t EVER sell a Won podium vehicle for a profit, no matter how long you wait. A week later dose not make the full price to sell.

  6. Unfortunately… The value of cars won off the wheel was changed via tuneables after the first few weeks of the casino DLC. They're all always valued at $0 now. Same as gifted cars and returning player bonus vehicles.

  7. The podium vehicle only has value when it got a livery on it, and it's only half the price on it (of the livery not the car).

    Then if you add customizations on it, it's as usual: you only get half you money back if you sell the vehicle later, but this time without a single dollars with the original selling price of the vehicle (since you got it for free).

    So yeah, the podium vehicle is only there for your enjoyment, never for your profit.

  8. The only way to make money on gta in the poker table in penthouse.
    Win hand
    Leave table
    Swap saved outfit.
    The game saves.

    Loose hand
    Quit game and reload.

    I have literally made 40 million from doing this in 1 week.

  9. Wtf is going on with these vehicle discounts. They've been the same foor 6 weeks!!
    And the podium car is an Indy500 car not an F1 car

  10. 0:20 I’m pretty sure that’s not true. The amount you get for selling it is based of what you payed for it. If you get it for free you sell for $0 or max a thousand. If you get a car on sale, when you sell it you get less too. The only way to get a bit more money is by upgrading the car and you still won’t make a profit

  11. Every week you say about selling the Podium vehichle yet as far as I'm aware you still get NOTHING for it othar than the stuff you have put on it

  12. THE STOCK PODIUM VEHICLES DO NOT SELL FOR ANYTHING PERIOD!! They don't gain any sell value for waiting after a week or any amount of time!

  13. Recently I've been more into RDR online than GTA Online, after 7 years of playing it I think the fan base deserves something new.

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