29 thoughts on “GTA Online: Manchez Scout Released! Double Money and Discounts This Week (GTA 5 Event Week) Jan 14th

  1. Fairly average event/sales week, but some decent sales and the Manchez Scout makes a fine new addition indeed for a very reasonably priced new vehicle!
    As for the Toreador on the podium, a few hours ago I walked into the Casino on Xbox GTA and almost won the damn thing right off the bat, instead I walked away with 15k RP woo! BUT on the otherhand I also walked into the Casino on PC GTA and actually did WIN it on my first spin for this week on there!🤯😁👍

  2. This is nothing short of an interlude week. Better time for me to restock my Hangar while there is a chance, and and if possible, getting some unsuspecting randoms to only help me increase my the cargo I’ll personally take back.

  3. Overall, I'd say a decent week. I was waiting for that bike to be out for a while now. Looks cool and drives really well. Blame the trees, not the bike.

  4. So anyone that has gotten bored of the game it is yet another week not to return. Enjoy making millions to the people who are grinding the hiest

  5. It's been a month since the heist was released… and in typical rockstar fashion, they still haven't let us have the ability to steal the Panther statue 😒

  6. I haven't used a single Body Armour since the Christmas gift of 10 of every Body Armour, and the only Survival I've yet to beat is Zancudo solely due to Barrage gunners, but I know all the things not to do when they're the last enemy of a wave.

    Wish me luck…

  7. Was really hoping it was either the mammoth vehicle or the atv released today but I’m happy the toreador is the podium car. But something I noticed is that when GTAMen says Doctor strange love he doesn’t play Dr Love by kiss. He’s played Pretend We’re Dead by L7. Maybe we need to storm GTAMen HQ

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