24 thoughts on “GTA Online Triple & Double Money and Discounts This Week (GTA 5 Event Week Dec) | Dec 10th – 16th

  1. you are so underrated! i love these videos not only for rockstar news but for gta content in general its surprising you only get 30k views <3

  2. The transform 3x is bs I can steal a car an sell it faster an guarantee 100k an I make way more I don't even do cars anymore but ie is worth it for new players to bank up

  3. I sold my original Stirling GT for almost $700K, the time trials being 3x money is really and that’s all I’m doing this week

  4. i sold my tezeract and my krieger maybe a month ago. i've regretted it since then. now they are both on discount! finally rockstar gives me a discount i'm happy about.

  5. I've had that podium car since the ps3 days
    In my opinion is the best classic looking car
    To bad I I just bought it before it went on the podium, oh well

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