1. Patrick McCreary mission is for the casino heist. You need to find the police van, steal it and bring patrick to his destination.
    The police van shows up randomly in free roam. Drives around with lights and sirens on.

  2. Its just an older version of the barracks plus the barracks is only 500k i think the only down side is your gonna have to suck off Pegasus to have a chance to have it spawn

  3. Hai mr mondie . The Patrick thing a free-mode thing u see a police van driving near canio arena .u have to take out ppl inside steal the truck and then lose the cops and then drive Patrick to this destination he gives you and then you .unlock him as a gunman for the casino heist he let u chose heavy shotguns or combat MGs which I always use for the aggressive approach

  4. Looks like you almost level 700. I get excited when I hit milestones like that. Not that it really matters of course.

  5. Missed the poll/ Improvise a bomb, put a few sticky bombs on a big rock from mt chiliad hook it with cargobob then bombs away that or a npc vehicle.

  6. WE want more, WE WANT more, WE WANT MORE…… please make some more shenanigans vids. They are quality entertainment 😉

  7. Hay man how's that troll video with the Slam truck going?
    Just asking since it doesn't actually tow cars or really do anything fun.
    Anyway thanks for the weekly info as always, really appreciate it.
    (p.s. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to pronouncing half the names in this game)

  8. "You can transport 10 people on this bad sucker "
    Oppressors when they say a blip on the map with 10 people in it : it's free grief estate

  9. Packie McReary…… can usually e found, though its still a random event, if you wait outside the Dollar Pils store on Highway 68.
    Took many many many go's for him to spawn in a police van…..night time is usually best i think. Its kind of glitchy sometimes, so obviously R* fixed it and then added time.
    Packie can be used in the Diamond Casino Heist. Not sure, but you might have to unlock him in story mode. I found him by the Vanilla Unicorn strip club in Strawberry downtown in story mode. He appears as a blue dot on your radar, and you help him out….then he is unlocked I guess.

  10. This vehicle is so pointless..
    It does nothing better than an Insurgent , it's slower, it has worse handiling, it's less armored, it's not customizable and ot costs triple the price

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