46 thoughts on “GTA Online: Weevil Released, Triple & Double Money and Discounts This Week (GTA 5 Event Week)

  1. 0:18 Was indeed a great way to beat the rush hour traffic😂👏
    But yeah, an interesting event week of sales/bonuses, nothing too much of importance, even the Prime Gaming discounts are unusually low, but in fairness they're for newer vehicles compared to the usal 70-80% off on stuff that's been in the game for years! As for the Air Cargo double money, I actually had a small stockpile on PC GTA of one of every type that I had gradually collected awhile ago, plus one extra, so I sold that for a nice $180k on the side!😊👍

  2. If you just do cayo perico and help english dave with some missions that he gives you over the phone three times he gives you his personal vehicle. Which is a weevil.

  3. Weevil is free by doing 3 missions for english dave… Been in the game for 2 weeks now. Ooh and racing community in gta is one of the biggest. So saying nobody plays races is complete bs.

    You always a good dude so dont start beying a dck now please!

  4. What i always do with my Hangar, is i fill the storage completely (50/50) and let it sit until such an event week comes and i can just sell it. The same with the bunker. Always keeping it full.

  5. Funny, that I have Prime benefits, but all I get is 200k only. No discounts, no free stuff, no other such thing. Thx Cockstar.

  6. I really wasted my time grinding English Dave missions that glitched over 6 times to get the Punch Buggy! Just so it could come out for free a week later.😞

  7. You can still get it free right daves car. I git the money but who reason I bought submarine was because thought car was exclusive then realised cd purchase in future

  8. I only ever do hangar missions when double money just to get trade prices.
    I guess that doesn’t matter though when you can make so much money so easily.
    Whenever you do anything other than the Cayo setups and heist it feels counterproductive.

  9. Love full lobby motorwars! Sucks because I can no longer flex with my hard to get Wevil anymore since anyone can get it. 😁

  10. Um, the reason most of the Heist vehicles are on sale is because it’s the overpriced ones that are useless. Either no one is stupid enough to buy them because they suck so bad…or Rockstar is putting them on sale to piss off everyone who bought one right away at full price. Either way, it’s a dick move. And as for the weaponized dinghy being released today…WRONG! I’m on GTA Online right now and it is nowhere to be found!

  11. You tried to speedrun the cayo perico heist yesterday are ther any recordings of a good run? I want to improve my own time there. Need some cash for Hangar and the planes xD

  12. I had the weevil in the first day after Dave gave me the missions. Every time someone saw me they wanted to steal my car and when they couldn't they called me a cheater or a modder 😂😂😂

  13. I was actually wondering last night when the weevil would be able to be purchased cuz I want the hippie one (that I got from dave) and the Herbie one

    Plus now that I can do the heist like once per hour I can buy all the bad vehicles and not feel bad about buying them

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