21 thoughts on “GUCCI UNBOXING – 70% OFF! | outlet discount shopping – genuine handbags and purses | 2020

  1. The Barbie pink bag isn't to my taste – a bit too girly for me – but I ADORE your enthusiasm. Happy that you found something you really enjoy at such a big discount.

  2. id love to buy these things but sadly… funds are low… anyways always cute to watch for when ill be able to afford these haha

  3. Good choices! It’s important to stand out from the Fred sometimes and both these will stand up to the plate. Must get a trip organised to Bicester, let’s hope lockdown doesn’t stop me 😬

  4. I’d love a video on your designer bags n purses sometime. I love the Gucci pink. I have a thing for Gucci just stunning.xx

  5. صباح النور عسل يسعدي الجمال حلو عسل انا من سوريا عش في اسطنبول تركيا

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