42 thoughts on “HAUL & TRY ON // Winter 2020 // Miss Pap Huge Black Friday Discount!

  1. One of the the best stylists on YouTube. Laura, you are very elegant and beautiful lady. Great fashion inspiration, thank you 🙏 ❤️

  2. Hey Laura! I’ve been watching your videos and following your Instagram for some time now. I like to hop on YouTube and watch hauls to get some outfit inspiration and find pieces that maybe did not catch my eye while browsing online shops. I have to say, of all the girls on here that are trying to be fashion influencers very few actually have an eye for styling and how to put an outfit together. You make current trends stylish, sophisticated and often times timeless. Many others just show off pieces that are on trend but really not wearable.

    Not to mention that the effort that is put into the video editing is also impeccable. You deserve a lot more recognition than I think you get. Wishing you lots of success !

  3. I kid u not, i actually"had" to turn u off mid video lol as i shook my head, saying i just can't handle how beautiful everything is (clothes choices AND your styling). I literally went right upstairs to purge and figure out my closet lol! I was watching u with unwashed hair, makeupless, in grubby sweats n tshirt. I just couldn't take it! 😂 thanks for the inspiration 👍🤗

  4. Everything looks really grt on you Laura😍 I was looking for the same scarfs today unfortunately couldn't find a good ones 😂love styling jumpers with gorgeous belts 👍

  5. HELP!!! Dear Laura, can you please tell me which smart watch you talked about from Amazon, pink strap, about $60 I think….I have searched so many of your videos, but can’t find it, 
    for Xmas presents! Thanks for any info!

  6. Okay, I have never tried Miss Pap….now you have gone and done it….I have to look at their site, you made everything too appealing! Love your videos, and yes, do vlogmas!

  7. No to Vlogmas for me. I like the change up on the location you filming from. This almost had a black and white color treading going in this video, w/ just a ting of nude. The MisPap site looks identical to the BooHoo website. These are some good basic items. I like the bell sleeve pale sweater. I am always ready for statement sleeves. Thanks for sharing and blessing to you in the days to come.

  8. I think the second half of your video with the more chic looks are my favorite and look great on you! The chunky sneakers and baggier pants, didn’t like that look. Can’t get with the chunky sneakers look personally. Thanks for all of your outfit inspo! Love your channel

  9. I'm not a fan of vlogmas. I only watch fashion related content. Just my opinion. I'm not a big fan of 'throw-away fashion' but I do like the two white shirts and the black wide belt from Miss Pap.

  10. As usual you definitely deliver. Every outfit looks marvelous on you. And yeah, love all the boots and the back & white chunky sneakers. As far as the puffer jackets! I, personally feel, that look makes me look like the Michelin Tire guy. But, I have to venture into a store and physically try on a jacket. Laura, you make everything you wear absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the haul

  11. What size of pants do you usually buy? I think we are same size, I struggle with sizing and your size would be a nice giude😍

  12. To anyone reading this, I hope you’re feeling well and having a lovely day! If you ever need a chat in these weird times, my dms are always open!! Stay safe and remember to keep smiling, lots of love a small youtuber trying to spread positivity ❤️❤️

  13. You chose some gorgeous pieces Laura! I haven't bought from miss pap before either, what was the quality and fabrics like?

  14. HI Laura, another new video! Exciting! Just wanted to mention I live in NEW Jersey, US & we are not on lock down, this is one of the busiest shopping weekends of 2020 & H& M is having THE most amazing markdowns & in-store clearance sakes on top of the sale, & I just went to the mall to return things & it was totally closed,! A ,sign on the window. Said they are CLOSED until further notice! OMG, everything else was open, Zara, Old,Navy all the dep't stores, but not H & M. P l us they are closing all the stores in my state next year. This is tragic! ! Cannot wait to see this haul!

  15. The black leggings outfit was💙…and yes to "Blair-mas"!! You must personalize and slay your Vlogmas title🙌🙌. I just thought of that title😇

  16. I would love for you to do a full makeup and hair video! I see you have the same makeup/hair, but for us mere mortals, we would all love to see how you do it and what you use – even if you think the video would be rubbish, I promise you it would not xx

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