31 thoughts on “Hennie Haynes discount offer comes to an end .😪☹

  1. It’s the same story when something good happens there’s always the irresponsible few that spoil it for the rest of us , I’ve been buying knives from Heinnie for the past 20 ish years and if we are both still here I will be buying my knives from Heinnie for the next 20 years discount code or not ,but it saved me a few pennies while it lasted .

  2. All gravy Paddy all good things must come to an end. Just as I wanted another Wasp. Exclusivity ain’t the same if it ain’t exclusive🤔. Thx again HH & Paddy👊🏼

  3. Shame but not surprising. Your discount code was posted up on a Facebook group not long back, I pointed out that it was from your channel and the poster said he had obtained it from google. Pity that a nice gesture from Heinnie has been spoiled by people making it public.

  4. Alright Paddy…. I just got a knife from HH using your discount code & appreciate that you provided it. I don’t know how things will pan out with Brexit etc, but without the discount code, although I like HH and bought previously from them;I have always found Lamnia and knivesandtools websites to be more competitive to purchase some of the knives I fancy from, although they take longer to arrive etc. Again, Brexit arrangements dependant, it might be an idea to see if you like them and could recommend their services and if so – whether they would offer you a discount code agreement for the channel by way of drumming up business for them here? Just a thought… all the best 🙂

  5. Shame about the codes, I had something lined up to buy too- every little helps when your weighing up a £200+ knife. Prob won’t pull the trigger now.

  6. That's OK, I forgot to use the code on my last two orders from Heinnie. Good prices, very good range and superb service, discount ot not. Pity the new website is so buggy.
    Looking forward to the Doctor's Cinnamon stag review – it's on my wishlist atm.

  7. Isn't that typical. One or a few bad apples spoil it for everyone. Well I appreciated it whilst it was going, so thanks. 👍

  8. Thats a shame Paddy. Im fairly new to the knife collecting game and just benefited on Monday from using your discount code. I will always continue to buy from and support Heinnie though as they were generous enough in the first place to help that little bit with my knife collecting journey. 🍻

  9. I agree with Burt Macklin's comment, thanks Paddy and thanks Richard of HH for taking the trouble, fully understand the reasons for discontinuing the discount. Take care.

  10. A simple Opinel has been turned into a work of art..Very nice of the young fellow to have given you that special knife..Enjoy it, Paddy!

  11. They seem like wonderful people. They will be back for you Paddy. Shame they were taken advantage of like that. Now is not the time to harm small companies.

  12. All good things must come to an end I suppose. It's saved me a few shekels over the last few purchases. Many thanks to both HH and you too Paddy 👍

  13. Just bought a Moki in time then my friend using your discount code , this will be my first folding knife in the start of my collection, many thanks 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  14. It was good of them to have offered a discount in the first place and completely understandable why they can't continue to do so. Cheers Paddy and HH for the discount while it lasted 🙂

  15. Shame, though personally I didn't do too badly, probably bought 6 knives using the discount codes, thank you Heinnie, thank you Paddy❤🔪

  16. HH's loss afaic. I've given them a lot of business in recent months, partly fuelled by PPP's discount code. Combined with a poorly implemented website revamp which trashed my purchase history and wishlists and doesn't work properly, there will be less business from me in the future, edit: but thanks to PPP for negotiating the code(s) in the first place, obviously

  17. Great shame Paddy, but thank you for all you’ve done for us in getting the discount codes in the past, and fingers crossed 🤞🏻 we can get something back again one day. And thanks to HH for their service through the last 9 months, top notch as always. Stay safe 🙏🏻 ATB.

  18. Someone always has to spoil it if you have a fb page or a knife forum on fb why don't you try keeping the discount code to that instead of YouTube where anyone can snatch and grab
    Hope all is well paddy hope Ireland is doing well through all the covid

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