39 thoughts on “Hero Splendor Plus Bs6 Price New 2020 With Diwali Cash Discount, Low Downpayment & Emi और बहुत कुछ 🔥

  1. Abe bhaii m abhi 2 din phle hi leke Aaya Hu splendor limited edition uski price mujhe 78,769RS padi h on road and Mene finance krayi h 16,500 rs deke aur meri 25 months ki kist Bani h aur monthly h 2864RS ki kist BC mujhe 1 lakh 2464 rs ki padi h ye hi splendor

  2. Bhai is ki extual price kitne h I mean to say hm pura amount hand to hand de to kitna ka padega hme pls tell me price…….

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