1. I would love a top with a square neckline but I'm so specific. I want it long sleeve, not too wide or too deep. Basically a crew neck but square 😅

  2. Ugh. I’m in love with the fringed jacket. But it’s not available or it’s sold out here in the US. I love unique clothing like that. I think it would look so cute with jeans and black boots and a black straight rim fedora! Oh and a long scarf!

  3. the clothes looks so cheap and have absolutely no form, just square. the shackets looked like they belong on a very overweight man :/

  4. the quality gets better and better? nah, it's the opposite. in the 90s, h&m made great quality. nowadays it's just poor slaves working for them.

  5. Great video!! I also filmed an ‘autumnal clothing haul’ over on my channel too🧡 would love it you could go and have a watch!! Just subscribed to your channel lovely xxx

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