40 thoughts on “How to Buy Stocks at a Discounted Price ? Best way to Buy Expensive Stocks on a Discount.

  1. You interchanges use of Godrej industries, consumer and property. While pointing at Godrej "properties" you are saying Godrej industries @ 6:01. Please edit it because information you are sharing is awesome.

  2. Sir you ignored the fact that godrej industries has debt of 7000+crore while consumer stock has 0 debt so infact godrej industry not only invests in their holdings but also takes risk and does job of cash infusion so it is risky in my opinion. Sir please reply your opinion on this point.

  3. I am watching all videos from this series. But I have one question. Which company shares we should buy Godrej industries or its subsidery companies?

  4. Standalone aur Consolidated ka matlab pata hai pr apne kis pr dikhaya hai vo nahi samj ata..
    Screen pr standalone dikhta hai to vo abhi consolidated ki values dikha raha hai kya..
    In this video apne change kiya hai
    Kyu aur kispe..

  5. Sir mujhe yeh video kam samaj aayi matlab godrej industries ka joh share price he 253 iss video me woh already discount price me hi mil raha he iska rate discount price wala hua

  6. Sir I have a big doubt . I hope you address it . Sir, If a company has good holdings in its subsidiaries companies, then what do you mean by saying we can get it at 50% discount ? If we buy the shares of Godrej Industries , how are we being benefited by Godrej consumers or Godrej Agro?

  7. Sir, according to my research, bajaj holdings is trading at 60% discount to the market value of its investments. since holding co.s trade at 30% discount, we are getting additional discount of 30%. but when we compare the cagr of bajaj holdings of 5 yrs(13% p.a.) with the weighted avg cagr of its subsidiaries(17%), it earns around 25% cagr less p.a. Hence the additional 30% discount is clearly eroded.

    pls guide further.

  8. dear pranjal sir..thank u so much for your this worthy classes..hope your investonomy book is also valauable book for me which i have already ordered in wallmart.com..in texas USA..thank u so much

  9. If the holding company has investments in their subsidiaries and subsidiaries are doing well then why holding companies share prices are less than subsidiaries?

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