17 thoughts on “How to get a discount on a Royal Caribbean drink package

  1. was considering a soda package for everyone, but the greedy corporate people want to charge me a gratuity for the the package even though the soda is self serve, so forget it

  2. i think the drink package would be nice but, other videos say to get a good value on the normal discounted price for the drink package you need to drink 12 alcoholic drinks a day.???

  3. Sad to say my cruise is 56 days away but I haven't seen any sales on the deluxe package the last two weeks. Being Canadian along with the exchange $467 US (620 CAD) is out the budget for a weeks worth of drinks.

  4. I have a cruise planned in June and I am the odd one out of 5 people. RC is offereing a 'Buy One Get One 50% off' right now, but as of now, I have no roommate. Safe to say RC will offer sales again before June? Adventure of the Seas, if that makes a difference

  5. We bought the Deluxe Package on Black Friday. It was Buy 1 Get 1 50% off for our upcoming cruise February 2nd on Rhapsody of the Seas. It is our first cruise and my husband and I are super excited.

  6. Now just keep in mind, when going by the videos price of $58 pp/per day for a 7 day cruise, that comes to about 7 or 8 alcoholic (plus non-alcoholic drinks included in some of the packages) drinks per day, then a beverage package may be for you. If not, the extra money you spent on the package just goes into the lines pocket. There ARE free beverages such as water, coffee, tea etc that are free onboard. Factor that in with the amount of ports you visit over your cruise (when you'll likely be off the ship). Also, most of the packages are ONLY for one guest so if you both want the package, that is $58 X 2 per day and some cruise lines force you to buy the beverage package where some do not.

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