49 thoughts on “HUGE FALL SHEIN TRY ON HAUL 🍁| Fall outfits 2020 *discount code*

  1. Not sure how I should order my outfits so grouped them by styles:
    14:54 CASUALs
    What order do you wanna see in my future hauls? ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Wow I’m so in love with your outfits and styles I’m a male to female cross dresser, most outfits I wear are mini skirts, you have giving me so many new ideas! Need to get the black mini with the chains at the side and the white tennis wow😍 feck it I want the lot🙌😍😂xx

  3. right, when she said oversized leather trenchcoat jacket, I saw a picture of normani in a oversized leather trenchcoat jacket.

  4. I had my eyes on that lovely camel coat for ages. Wasn’t sure about it would have fit me, but after the video… TAKE ALL MY MONEY SHEIN 💰! Ps: love the video. 🤎Fav outfit: #6!

  5. Not me going to buy more from Shein after watching this haha!! I have the same houndstooth sweater vest and love it!!! I need to pick up the pleated leather skirts and the tweed sets!!! So cute <3

  6. Wow 😍 that’s all I can say other than guess I’m going shopping today haha absolutely loved all these outfits! Can’t wait to film my shein haul ❤️❤️

  7. Kerina! I would love to see you trying long sweater dresses 💖 you are my inspiration 🥰 since I began watching your videos I feel like I have no boundaries in fashion!!

  8. I was looking for it so much! But was kind of disappointed in how few of the looks would go for a working adult! I loved the looks but for me the majority was just too young! Too much trendy stuff and not enough classics for me! And I’m only 24. Wish you had more with trousers and lovely tops with jackets and scarves! 😊💖

  9. I actually don't understand the hype around these vests (like the on in the first outfit.) I personally don't think they look cute. At least not in the way everyone is pairing them lately. 🤔😅

  10. I’m so in love with your outfits omggg! Thanks to you I have a pretty look I love you and I love your videos thank you girl! You look so gorgeous 🤍

  11. YESSS LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! I'm kinda liking the patch jeans tbh, I just haven't gained the courage to buy a pair yet (maybe soon, who knows). You are the bestttt ❤️

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