20 thoughts on “HUGE Shein Haul 2020 || Shein Sweaters and Jackets, 20+ Items! DISCOUNT CODE AND LINKS

  1. Your energy is really good in the video but I couldn’t get over how many times you say “literally” in this video. It was so excessive!

  2. I’m in love with your SHEIN Haul! You say every important detail and pick very very stylish and cute thing’s! Obsessed. 20/10🤩✨

  3. Omg!!! I ordered the same gray sweater and i’m so happy that you like it because i was afraid i woudn’t :)) i ordered in s size like the model so i hope it will be great too❤️

  4. To say, this is xs and this is real size.
    It fit's me perfect!!!
    Sorry, but I red it so often also in SHEIN,
    100 kg Woman wear size xs and write
    "it fits me perfect"…
    Viktoria Backham is wearing xs and you're very far from that.
    You're wearing at least Medium and never xs.
    Only when something is stretched and you squeezed yourself into it,
    you started to believe in it yourself.
    So fake is our live. Poor.

  5. I love your taste omg 😳 imma buy everything ✨🤌✨
    (Ps: where did you get those jeans you added with the black tank top ?)

  6. i’m italian and i don’t understand some of your words, anyway i’m still watching because u look so funny and cute!

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