30 thoughts on “HUGE SHEIN TRY-ON HAUL 2021 (w/ discount code & 20+ items)

  1. I love this I’m ready to order let’s go
    Ps please like or answer I really would love to see almost my birthday and would really like for you to respond

  2. Ok love this haul and your personality but babeeee…. Black creators are constantly speaking up about the racism on tik tok and how they favor white creators!! You probably don't get a lot of black creators on you fyp because they are always shadowbanned.

  3. This is the first video I’m watching from you and just got a new subscriber! You’re bubbly and so pretty!! The vibes is immaculate

  4. tbh when people who do hauls are this pretty i feel like its kinda her making all the clothes look good instead of the clothes making her look good lmao

  5. Actually morena girls is not only a Filipino girl but it’s very diverse, I’m from Puerto Rico and I’ve been called morena all my life and heard it being said to other people, kinda like trigueña and mulata

  6. can you do stuff thats available worldwide? so frustrating seeing something i like and i cant get it because its only available in the US. im clicking off the video now since theres no point watching unless youre american

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