1. I enjoy her videos but firstly supporting this brand is just wrong don’t tell me she might not know when it’s been all over social media.
    Also annoys me how she stops talking in one clip then another clip gets played with a pause.

  2. ok but surely shes shopping at a different shein than every one else cos they look too good quality to be from shein

  3. why would you actively support and work with a band that literally employs child labour and pays their workers shocking wages? not to mention the impact on the environment! i really expected better but then again all you do is hails of fast fashion. u have a massive platform and big influence please be responsible with it and don’t promote unethical brands

  4. Just curious if you will be doing a makeup video soon? You haven't posted a makeup video in 3 months. I miss it! 🙁 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. NO ONE BUY FROM RIVR JEWELRY!!! I bought a necklace because of Jordan's recommendation and the chain came broken! I've reached out multiple times and still haven't heard back from anyone. I was scammed and I'm disappointed in Jordan for recommending this stupid company ):

  6. If you would have a collection with SheIn I would literally buy every single piece, because I love your style so much 🤍

  7. i dont want anyone tryna say that she is promoting this bullshit brand because not everyone can afford ethical fashion. Theres something called a fucken thrift store, which you can get stuff for so much cheaper. And before you come at me saying that were on lockdown, shop on depop, gumtree, ebay, poshmark. So disappointing that someone with such a big influence is actually WORKING WITH SHEIN and not doing her research

  8. Best haul you’ve done. Looovvee & ordering all of this!!! Keep making SHEIN vids they are so helpful!! Too lazy to go through the site to find cute stuff lol ILY

  9. Guys we all know shein is bad but it’s cheap and now everyone can afford bigger brands and they all have bad work environments

  10. Everyone taking about ethical consumption but as a plus size girl I am unable to shop ethically and shops like shein make it easy for me. Brands don’t offer plus size clothes and if they do it will cost you so much. THERE IS NO ETHICAL CONSUMPTION UNDER CAPITALISM

  11. Jordan, when will you realize that all these companies that you promote and are sponsoring you are fast fashion, extremely controversial brands, and not just stein but misguided, PLT, can we just stop with this fast fashion trend?

  12. Can we talk about the zebra prints co-ords!! OBSESSED😍 If anyone is interested in checking my channel out I also have a few recent hauls which you can't go wrong with💘 if you like them don't forget to subscribe lovelies xx

  13. 100% agree with all the comments on doing more research before working with brands and would love to see depop/thrift hauls or videos on how to style pieces you already have (because most people cant buy a new outfit for every occasion). also would like to point out that whenever jordan does do a haul of a smaller more expensive brands the comments are full of complaints about the prices being too high and the brand not being accessible to everyone. i feel like theres always so much negativity in her comments no matter what video she does

  14. Sorry @ majority of the comments, but boycotting fast fashion/avoiding fast fashion is a privilege that not everyone can do.

  15. Honestly no hate!! I’ve been supporting Jordan since her first ever primark makeup vid and supporting all your collabs but partnering with shein idk they’re unethical but most of all they appropriate religion & culture… selling prayer mats as usual mats …. it’s not something you ignore! Xx

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