25 thoughts on “i tested DISCOUNT STORE food gadgets NOBODY wants

  1. Did he just say "Please and forget to leave it a like" at the end?
    Do you NOT wanna have us like?
    (Ps. this is sarcasm do not take it literlly)

  2. You never cooked the pasta and told us if it tasted good and worth making it from scratch rather than the hard stuff in the box already made!

  3. No boy that's not the amount of talent god has given you
    U are super awesome
    And the level of confidence you have is insane
    I love you ❤

  4. Haters plss go away
    If you are getting triggered just stop watching
    He is putting his full efort in everything
    And does not deserve any hate…

  5. that nut and vege chopper.. you need some speed to do that right 🙂 It will have a better chance to mix around if you chop a bit faster.

  6. The chopper I have one except it's smaller and it's brilliant I got mine from Poundland it's so handy for chopping onions for dinners except it's a wee pull string

  7. I don’t like it because you still have to crack the egg bruh no matter what you do your still gonna have to crack the freaking egg

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