29 thoughts on “I Went to the Secret Gucci Discount Store (Gucci Items Under $100)

  1. For those that said the outlet doesn’t sell out of season merchandise and instead lower quality merchandise, what happens to the out of season merchandise they don’t sell?

  2. FYI…. most consumers dont know this. But outlet store items aren’t overstock or old products that weren’t sold from previous seasons. They are specially designed with cheaper quality/details for these specific locations. Most design houses even have a separate team that create these…Lawobag.com has the best quality and they are trustworthy!!!

  3. I grew up next to one of US's largest outlet malls with a full on strip of everything outlet from Prada, Gucci, Burberry to D&G, Versace, and Valentino. You'd think I took advantage and shopped there but nope, still too expensive. I also had no idea people were unaware of the outlets bc I always assumed no one else would dare pay regular price too lol

  4. Outlet products are NOT "last year's designs" or "what didn't sell". They are cheaper, lower quality products made SPECIFICALLY to sell in the outlet. I'm positive I'm not the first one to say so, but unfortunately, they rip you off for cheaply made crap- it's not a discount on regular priced items and you will NEVER find the REAL retail produces in an outlet store. Sorry. 🙁

  5. Unfortunately the outlets are not good deals, it’s been proven to be lower quality compared to the non outlet, if anything you get your worth at the actual store and get ripped off at the outlet. Lol I think our best bet is to buy used authentic, that’s the only time we might get a deal. Otherwise loved the vid XO

  6. I'm no Gucci expert but it was spelled Guccy was on those shoes?! I wouldn't buy those at any price because dummies like me would assume it was some bad knockoff. Q: Do you know where all the outlets are?

  7. If anyone is watching in 2020 I recently posted a video with some tips on saving money and such and how I’ve been buying designer pieces for cheap! 🥰

  8. So just to put it out there, the stuff that is located at the outlet is made for the outlet. Same thing as a viewer to go to the Burberry outlet that is there the Prada outlet that is also there the products that are there are made for the outlet. So it might be similar to the ones currently in the boutique but you would see that the prince and the leather is different.

  9. Great video!
    Burning merchandise? I believe you. I was in a store early one Monday morning and the clerks were throwing expensive suits and dresses in a big garbage can! I begged them to give me some clothes They gave me 10 outfits for $50.

  10. Girl… I can’t. Like even on sale this stuff is mediocre. At least Michael Kors and Coach have the decency to sell their items on sale and they can be affordable at times. How can you support a company that makes people work their ass off only to burn their products later? I’ve actually seen old LV sold online but it’s used stuff that is still in “new” condition, for cheaper. Zulily is great for finding some designer brands for super cheap online. But outlet malls are my vice lol

  11. Way to title bait Bisshh. Under a hundred? I dont recall one thing under 100. Lmfao girl I could teach you a thing or two.

  12. We have a Gucci Outlet Store in Austria too. They actually have Karl Lagerfeld, Versace,… there😍 it's called Outletcenter Parndorf❤️❤️❤️

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