35 thoughts on “Is Rockstar Really Doing This? FREE Items & HUGE Discounts in New Red Dead Online Update (RDR2)

  1. Most of my guns won't shoot, neither of my lassos work, and none of my guns on gta work. All this started Tuesday when the latest red dead update came out. Wtf

  2. Wow, I've been playing this game from Day 1 and I never once thought to take a dive to avoid an attacking animal. SMH

  3. I don’t see the use of the moonshine rule the less you have people to play with so I avoid that one I have all the other rules unlocked obviously to have something to do

  4. If these Rockstars guys continue to make items for Free that I spent TIME OF LIFE getting money and gold to buy, so other people comes and gets them for free, I'll kill myself, WHEN IS ROCKSTAR RELEASING HEISTS god damn, stop with the HIPPIE SHIT.

  5. I don't know what the deal is but I've been playing every day & haven't had any arrows delivered to my lockbox yet

  6. Hazard-I am one of the first 30 or so who Subbed you. I keep up a bit but do want to ask-at this point do you think joining RDR online is worth it? I am always financially careful being on disability and doing as much side work as my health will alow so, for me, it is a Financial matter.

  7. HAZARD…
    in stead of random game play, show players what your talking about as you are talking about in the game. Some new players don't know where to find certain items or know even what your talking about.

  8. "More legendary X… Discounts on Y…"

    No Rockstar.

    1. How about new guns and/or more options to modify the stats of existing guns (like new barrel lengths, triggers, iron sights, speed loaders, ability to remove scopes from rolling block / Carcano)

    2. Making bandoliers actually increase ammo.

    3. A trinket or item to reduce oil usage further.

    4. Tweaking heat/cold effects.

    5. The ability to lasso and tie-off the rope on the saddle horn.

    6. Tweaking melee/unarmed combat mechanics. Organized boxing matches and random bar fights.

    7. More procedurally and non-procedurally driven free roam missions.

    8. Remove timers from bounty missions and up the base gold reward and difficulty.

    9. Add more ability cards for Free Roam PVE ( I mean, that's why most of us play after all).

    10. Allow stockpiling/warehousing of moonshine and pelts for bigger sales.

    11. Make hunting/delivery wagons upgradeable for speed and cargo size (armoured stage with six horses and a gattling anyone)

    12. Stagecoach robberies, indian raids on the oil and tar baron, bank heists, cattle rustling, horse theft and train robberies ( these are all things that already made RDR2 fun).

    13. A travois for your horse for hunting 3-4 medium game at a time without wagon.

    14. A passive ability card that blocks PIB without defensive mode requirement for hardcore players in Free Roam.

    15. Being able to use your camp dog for hunting, be it as a retriever for duck hunting or tracker dog for larger game. Same goes for bounties, dog can birdog your bounty if he tries running, maybe even take him down. Allow the dog to ride on the back of the horse.

    I can go on and on.

    In conclussion, how about actual QoL changes to balance grind, especially for after lvl 100.

  9. Split point ammo allows your crafting award to reset very quickly. So it basically gives you a bunch of gold to craft them

  10. Just so new players know if you buy dynamite arrows just know you cannot use a bow on a trader wagon which is retarted but you cant only explosive can be used

  11. Did you know that you can sedate an animal for the dna and still kill it for use for cripps it still works with SOME large animes but not all teh rest definitely so not only you get a good amount of resources but also get a additional 20 bucks for a sample from the legendary animal
    It only possible in free roam animals
    Not Harriet's missions
    Idk if anyone else knew or else ill just look dumb

  12. If you guys try to link your amazon gaming and rockstar accounts together it might take a few days it took me a week but once it’s set it will give you a little alert when you log in

  13. If the halloween update isn’t live by Monday, ima just delete 😭 we get more discounts than fixes. Rockstar is just trolling this community now 🤦🏾‍♂️

  14. As it's probably his job you should expect it just like movie trailers they always make them look good but most of the time there shit but if they didn't do it nobody would watch

  15. It’s sometimes hard to follow when you’re talking about particular weapons. Next time, have pictures of them pop up.

    While you were talking about Volcanic, Mauser, and Semi-Auto, you just had clips of you dual-wielding Volcanics.

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