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  1. That is very paranoid a women who thinks a person who owns a phone is going to waste memory in some ugly wentch

  2. People, other than Karens want the "neighborhood discount" aka, the "hookup" or the "friends and family discount". These people will ask even if you don't know them very well and will get angry at you when you won't give them one.

  3. I'm just going to use this opportunity to say that the "4= death" lady is batshit insane, and anyone who honestly believes that paying four cents will invite the boogeyman to lick your ears in the night is a ridiculous clown person, and needs to never have children.

  4. That last story was very sweet at the end. The cashier knowing that the lady needs just the one 50p coin and it was in her till. That made the women's day when the cashier gave her the last one she needed.

  5. 1st story. Reason, they were shoplifters and were waiting for their partner to come running out of the store to make their getaway. They did not want their pictures, or vidoes of them and their vehicle. Should have gotten close up of them, RG and the car with license plate.

  6. I simply love your narration! Your channel is simply the best! And we all need a daily dose of at least smiling! Thanks!😍😍

  7. Re 1st story filming in public
    Katz v. United States, 389 U.S. 347 (1967)
    It is in-Constitutional under the 4th Amendment to conduct a search and seizure without a warrant anywhere that a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy, unless certain exceptions apply.
    Reasonable expectation of privacy test exception
    Expectation of privacy in an open field is not considered reasonable — i.e. there is no expectation of privacy in public so you are free to film anything you can see. Someone doesn't like it? Tell 'em to eff off.

  8. First story sounds as if it was in the USA. In the UK there are VERY few reasons that prohibit you taking photos or video in a public space. 'There is no expectation of privacy in public ' (hence how 'they' can get away with all the dammed CCTV cameras ).

  9. That last story really made me smile. I also look through my change, and have found lots of wheat pennies, buffalo nickels, and even a few silver quarters. The latter were the real surprises, as they came as change from vending machines.

  10. The reason why 4 is considered unlucky, is in Japanese, four is pronounced Shi, which is a homophone for Death. In some Japanese Hotel rooms, there isn't even a number four, like in some western hotels not having a thirteenth floor, going from tweleve to fourteen.

  11. "It came out to L3.50"
    That's when I noticed this customer was about 3 stories tall, and actually a crustacean from the Paleozooic Era! An' I said "Gotdammit, Loch Ness Monstah! You leave my fambly alone!"

  12. Id have run inside the moment the dude asked me to go to the car. My daughter waa almost pulled into one 6 feet from me and they didnt say a word, just pulled up behind her. Fact they drive off moment they did take picture says a lot.
    Neighborhood discount. If store is in a mall, it's quite likely mall management listed the store on what is a student discount list or some type of discount for neighbors nearby and never bothered to tell anyone, or did when center was being built to sate any complaints by nearby neighbors, and stores that rented at a later date were never informed. Obvious the woman got it out of someone, most likely asked if there was a sale or discount, and when the owner said they offered one, assumed it applied to all others nearby or again it did and no one said a thing. When I was a kid, had a card from my school and burger king listed on it looked at me like I had a hole in my head until I showed them the card with their name and address clearly listed for 10%. Not much but for a kid it's a lot. Turned out mall management listed them and even had it in the lease as a requirement to support the com.unity for local schools. It wasn't till I got older that I discovered the manager I became friends with there actually used her discount as there system did not have a 10% feature and had been giving me 50% off. By time I found this out, I already had a job delivering newspapers so let them have my brother instead. Something my brother will not let me forget as he got into a relationship with her, and I only saw the nice side. She was crazy and yes, perfect example of a Karen as saying goes. Another story.
    I used to collect coins till a thief who broke in my apartment stole them. I never heard of those coins. Makes me want to start collecting them. I did start over, not like I did in the past. Only reason was I got 4 rolls of quarters from bank to do laundry as dryer broke and when I opened a roll up, most of the quarters were silver. I opened the other 3 with no such luck. It's a rare occurrence that tends to happen when people with a coin jar pass away, and family roll all the coins up not knowing its been around for years. The account number was on the roll so they contacted the depositor who had no care in the world, they just wanted to unload them.

  13. I swear Story one sounds like my brother in a woman's body. He's the most paranoid human I've ever met. Calls the law weekly claiming someone tried to break in…

  14. Either they did want to steal the phone or they stole something else and didn't want a picture of them. Then again they could just be nut cases.

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