1. Hi Amy were u by those in S C .I like
    find one of these store s thank u please share
    Thank u God ur beautiful family 💗
    I think ur awasome moma u find all food thank sharing

  2. I’m wanting to make a trip to the discount stores but I was wondering if the food is expired or close to expiring?

  3. Hi Amy, I am wondering where this store is. I live just outside Charlotte NC, I found the SC discount store but where is the local one near you. We make regular trips to Hendersonville to visit family and wanted to see if it was close enough to make a grocery stop. Thanks!

  4. I live so close to the SC border, what discount stores did you go to? I am so interested in this kind of shopping! Gotta save where you can, right? 🤗

  5. I'll have to admit Amy I'm a little low key jealous you have this store 😂😂❤❤ btw I'm Amy too I love your name hehe

  6. Love watching your good finds. Wish we had those around . We had one about 45 minutes away but they raised their prices so high it's better just to go to the store it's not worth it unfortunately, it was a small one.

  7. Gnocchi is pronounced no key. A suggestion, use in place of noodles in chicken soup. I found a recipe on a pkg I saw it my Dollar tree.

  8. Holy cow, those prices! I wish I had that store by me! I can pay almost $4 for just one box of butter! Those big boxes of Goldfish are usually about $8.99 by me. I have seen them as low as $6.99, but never lower.

  9. What are the names of your discount grocery stores? I have been SEARCHING in our area and I can’t find anything like what you do

  10. When you saw the decaf espresso and said “… that makes no sense.” I cracked up! I was also wondering “Why?” Also, your Psalm reading made me cry, but it was also reassuring that God is in control. Thank you for that reminder.

  11. Gnocchi (No-key) are so good! They are potato dumplings. They taste great with spaghetti sauce, Alfredo sauce, or even butter and garlic! ❤️

  12. I hv ask you before, could you please give the locations or towns of these discount stores. I live in the Shelby, NC area and would greatly appreciate these locations to purchase discount foods for my family.. thanks

  13. Beautiful ending sorry I commented to early but had to tell you you read exactly what I needed to hear. The Lord has been leading me daily to the words He knows I need to hear. I have been praying for Him to guide me everyday and have tried my best to really open my heart and mind so I can hear Him clearly. Thank you Amy!——————Tressa Daigle

  14. Hey sweet Amy!! I could not believe some of the deals you found. I drink the pineapple peach kombucha everyday! And it is expensive so I have tried to cut back a little. And the butter you found for so cheap is my favorite brand of butter. When I find it on sale I put it in the freezer as well. You look good and I love your shopping and finding all those deals I literally get so excited. Hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family. I watched some of the videos but it seems sometimes I get interrupted and forget to go back and comment. I am sorry about that. But do know you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your shopping day! Love it!———————-Tressa Daigle

  15. How come when someone says 'gluten and dairy free', I put eggs in that category? Maybe because the eggs are close to the milk in the store? Maybe because every time I buy eggs, I buy milk? No clue… but I always do it.

  16. hi amy 😃 HI JAYDEN …now amy thats a haul …wish we had them shops ohhh id be giddy hee hee jayden youll learn to appreciate them shops when your paying bills hee hee as pinching pennies becomes addicting 🤗🤗 ….🌈💜

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