1. Sharing Lookfantastic biggest haul that’s so hard to beat. This is the beauty haul sale that runs from October 10th-14th. I also have an additional discount code that’s ”Paulina5” that gives you extra 5% off 🙂 Please use my links and codes if you’re going to purchase anything :* GO TO THE SALE HERE – https://tidd.ly/33LooNW

  2. I do love a good haul. 😃 I’ve treated myself to the look fantastic beauty advent calendar and I’m sooooooo excited! 💖xxx

  3. Sigge under blanket! He looks like a lil baby! The eye look is stunning. You’re really talented in picking colors that work together(as you said you don’t swatch your palettes. It would be a hot mess in my case!)

  4. If it not is sposoring, the produck you get are PR 🙂 So luvky for you and the Pr packing, love lookfantastic side too 🙂

  5. I think I missed something….did you stop beeing cruelty free? The code won't work on Natasha Denona I imaging, the illasmasqua palette looks nice

  6. I use the mystic oil from Loreal proffesional and I love it.But my hair is mostly normal to dry so I never get an oily scalp haha.I have Cerave and La Roche Posay here and is they are great,I use a tinted moisturizer with spf 50 from LRP and it makes the skin look beautiful,not white or greasy at all.I absolutely loved your eyes,I love cool tones,they are sultry and smokier…yum!😘😘

  7. 🍉 I am currently reading a Swedish bok! (In English, but I got the movies in Swedish with subtitles, which I’m going to watch when I’m done reading them!!)

  8. Thanks, Paulina for showing the mascara routine, I can kind of guess that you make any mascara work actually with those lashes you have, it really does not matter if it´s high end or drugstore your lashes are amazing and I really admire your "art" patience on them I realized I never take the time with them, (1 minute max hahaha) 😀 anyway, in your opinion from all the many you´ve tried & have which one is your GO TO, your fave?

  9. ive been using La roche creams for a couple of years niw! the orange labeled one to be exact another youtuber taylor wynn got me hooked on it☺️i luv it and swear by it too😍

  10. Love the cool toned look on you. It's so pretty! As a hair stylist, I love the redken leave in, it's one of the best I've ever used. It helps you to get a better blow dry too

  11. I use a Cerave cleanser that I absolutely love! It has been so good for my skin. I just have to thank you for uploading this video…. I'm at my inlaws and they are arguing about politics, so I'm hiding, watching this. You're a total life and sanity saver!😂😳😭

  12. You will LOVE the Redken 25 benefits! I use it as my leave in conditioner EVERY single time I wash my hair- (if I plan on combing it out). It's the only product that will let me get a comb or brush through it! It does help with the frizz also! I love that stuff!!! Xoxoxo!😘🎃👻🦇🦝

  13. Cerave and Cetaphil saved my skin! I cannot use much on my skin I will break out like there is no tmrrw! My dermatologist recommended cerave and cetaphil and let me tell you GAME CHANGERRRRRR! 🙌

  14. You should hear my Southern ass trying to say the Swediah word of the day. I embarrass myself. FML 😂😂😂 I swear I would buy Egg Paulina merch LMAO!

  15. Cerave is a reputable brand. I want to get the one with salicylic acid but it’s always out of stock in my Walmart.

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