1. SEXY~안녕하세요~你好~Здравствуйте~oilá~고맙습니다~Спасибо~谢谢~Obrigado~美。

  2. I think your beautiful and I can understand why you want to take advantage of that and do videos. I do not judge you at all but as a believer I feel I have a responsibility to kindly warn you that we will be judged for glorifying ourselves instead of God/Jesus. I’m so sorry I don’t say this to be mean it’s because it’s my responsibility to share the truth. May this message lead you to searching for your own life. Love you and bless you 💛🙏✨. Ps I’m not perfect and still struggle with some things as well so this is truly a message sent in love and I need to redirect my life myself as well. We are not perfect but we are always learning and growing, falling and getting back up. It’s a process 😌.

    I do love your body tho btw whollie!! 💗💫

  3. Hola. Princess. Amo. Todas. Tus. Pantaletas. Tus. Tangas. Tus. Bikinis. Tus. Boxeres. Y. Tus. Shopres. Ussmos. La. Misma. Marca. Y. La. Misma. Talla. M. Y. Yo. Las. Cuido. Ussmos. Protectores.

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