40 thoughts on “Lowes Slashing Prices Craftsman Tools 75%, Kobalt Discounts 2020

  1. Don’t ever buy a craftsman tool. You cant get parts for them. Example: i had an impact driver…..need parts for it and they no longer provide parts…..discontinued jsut like everything else they have. So anything Sears related stay away from you have been warned.

  2. I still have a hard time with Lowe's craftsman tools. I believe kobalt is a good brand, but today's craftsman is not the old craftsman I knew. I believe high cost craftman tools is a mistake for lowes

  3. The only problem is craftsman tools are all garbage now there are made in China and people should never purchase them because Sears lied to all of us lifetime guarantee my ass

  4. Craftsman covers $4.98 free shipping to store (they were out of stock). Been buying corona pruners, loppers, and pole saws for 80% off from Lowe's online shipped to my door for free. Last night I ordered a truper leveraxe for $12 free pickup in store

  5. Flat head bits….freaking BS man…"if we throw in a few of these flathead bits we can up the tool count and get rid of these useless bits"…

  6. This would suck enough if you WEREN'T talking live to people we can't hear or see.
    It's like watching a video made by a schizophrenic.

  7. That irwin 8 pcs clamp set is actually is an 8 pcs clamp set, well at least here at my local lowes in the los angeles area. What you picked up was not the 8 pcs that I bought at 14.98. So i am assuming that what was picked up in the video is another set that was misplaced. The Irwin clamp set I bought was a set that included: (2) 12" , (2) 6" , (2) 2 " and (2) 2 " hand grip spring loaded type. Nonetheless, great deal, If anyone is in need of clamps and the set that i bought up has one, I recommend you run and get yourself one of the sets I bought. You wont get any single clamp on that set for under 10 bucks (except for the spring loaded 2" clamp, or you go to harbor freight) . That Irwin 8 pcs clamp set is an excellent deal! Sold quality, I have already put them to use and I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

  8. They’re going to have to lower their prices probably more than that nobody has any confidence in it anymore Sears sold the craftsman brand to the Stanley Black & Decker,,,,and they may very well make good tools or perhaps make them even better than they were before,,,I don’t know,,,,but they were already starting to go downhill when Sears still owned them,,,you might just as well go to Harbor freight and buy their icons or Doyle’s or at least their Pittsburgh pro series,,,, with their inside track club you make out pretty good I wouldn’t put too much in craftsman right now I looked at their new craftsman lawn mowers and they are pretty much a generic lawnmower for the most part the old ones that were made by American yard products were pretty good,,,but now all the riding mowers are made‘ by MTD,,, that’s all right I guess but now they’re a lot like a Troy built or a huskee or something along those lines

  9. I Work with RENO DEPOT in Montreal….And We Have many Low Priced products…MOSTLY liquidation Items…We're Selling Craftsman products too…DeWalt…etc..We are Part of the LOWES corporation…They Bought OUT Rona in 2016…

  10. Yes, the longer the clearance items sit, the lower they typically go. However, you can still ask the manager if they will help you out on the price, and many times they will. They would rather sell it to you than have it sit in their inventory longer, and have to deal with it.

    I have been to Lowes and HD in many locations across this great nation, and all of them have clearance sections, you just have to know where to look. Most of them are end caps, but I have seen some stores that would place the items in the back of the store, in a corner or even behind the appliances.

  11. I LITERALLY GOT THE LAST FENDER COVER OFF OF THE SHELF AT MY LOWES!!!!! The employees didn’t even know that it was on sale!!!!! Thanks !!!!! The Spyder diamond blades were out of stock.

  12. If your going to make a video, focus on making the video and not giving a shout out to everyone watching. After ab 30 seconds, I exited. If you make these to be watched, then don’t be so surprised when people watch them.

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