26 thoughts on “M1 Apple MacBook Already Discounted

  1. Yes this is a very good MacBook but I canceled my order because I just found out that the new M1X macs are coming this year.

  2. Because Apple never give discounts our mind automatically read it as discontinued lol I wish I could aford a Mac somebody help me pleasssee

  3. Anyone can get $100 off MacBooks 24/7/365 with Apple’s education discount. No verification required. Best Buy also price matches it.

  4. This isn't anything new.
    it is easy to find savings
    Black Friday
    Student discount
    other website
    all have deals on NEW products.
    So yes it is easy. This guy talks so much crap. No hating just a fact 🙂

  5. The Macbook Air M1 base model was on sale in a danish store (Bilka) for $1.086,60 (6.600DKK).
    Sadly i didn't grab one before it was too late

  6. Lucky USA, prices are SOOOO low.

    USA: 999 dollar
    Belgium: 1240 euro.

    Thats a difference of 600 dollars.
    For the same product 😕

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