24 thoughts on “MANCERA BLACK LINE (2013) Review + 10% Discount Code at FragranceUsa

  1. I've heard good things about all the 'Lines'… Ended up trying Lemon Line. Liked it because of the barbershop vibe, but the citrus was a bit too synthetic-smelling.

    Will be trying this one and Aoud Line for sure. Appreciate the review!

  2. Never tried this one. I bought my wife Velvet Vanilla which is an amazing powerhouse! Also got Cedrat Boise, Roses Vanille, Aoud Lemon Mint and Wild Fruits. Love all of them! Got Instant Crush on the way in the mail, can’t wait

  3. Mancera and Montale seem to have super projection. Even with ifra.
    Every fragrance from the house has been Beast so far.

  4. One of the more underrated offerings from the house , great to hear your thoughts on it. Hope all is well my friend 🍀 sláinte

  5. Love Manceras ! The brand has an excellent line of freshies leaded by Cedrat Boise, Aoud Lemon Mint and Aoud Blue Notes. Love the one in the video my friend , agree on its adrenaline. Thanks for sharing and nice to watch your recovery, keep it up Carlos. Lazaro Broitman

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