39 thoughts on “massive PR HAUL! 🙌 unboxing NEW makeup (with some discounts!) 💞

  1. I really like Shannon's and laura Lee's unboxing. When I watch other beauty youtubers unboxing, they come across as ungrateful if it's from indie or drugstore brands. Especially if they only get like one or two products.

  2. Try Cloud 9 hair straightners. They're made by the inventor of GHD's.
    Cloud 9 straightners are the bomb, so much better than GHD's once you've tried a set of cloud 9's you'll never go back to GHD's

  3. if ur looking for some skincare info check hyram, dr dray, lab muffin beauty science and heaps of others, they have amazing skincare videos

  4. I always look forward to your videos. It doesnt matter what kind. I've been watching you for like 7 years or something like that and have always loved your videos and how you have stayed true to yourself through it all. Alot of ppl change as they get bigger in following and you have always just been you and I love that about you. I love your brand and your products I've always supported everything I could that you've came out with and collabs ect. Ill be watching you as long as you remain on YouTube. Can't wait to see your next video using the products 😍

  5. I hope I’m in the running to win this giveaway, it’s been a dream of mine for 8 years to win a giveaway from shaaanxo ❤️ it would mean a lot to me 💕🌈

  6. I’ve seen an Australian fitness instagrammer use Vani-T and she swears by the eyebrow stuff and setting spray. Would love for your review!

  7. Everytime you film and your dog is in the background, just checking out stuffs or runnin' around,. im just so happy to see the adorable angel healthy and happy with you 🥰

  8. Love seeing Lewie he makes me smile so much! You got some gorgeous stuff, I can’t wait to see you use it all! 😊🙋🏻‍♀️👋🏻

  9. i was like "she doesnt look like herself on the thumbnail" and then u said it on the video haha, you look stunning!

  10. I love your pr haul format, you don’t spend wasted time opening boxes and you edit to quickly show product after product so we can see it all. I’m a new subscriber and already hooked.

  11. Please try the vanity Australia eyeshadow palette it looks really pretty and I want to know if it’s worth getting

  12. Liked, wow another amazing PR haul Sis u got loads of wonderful makeup i really love your pink hairdryer with your name on the ride so pretty and u got loads of mac makeup i would love to have some of there lipsticks and eyeshadows that Paco Rabanne million is one of my favourites me and my boyfriend both have this one and we love there fragrances thank u for sharing your incredible haul we really enjoyed watching we r looking forward to your next video, keep up the great work see u in your next video Take Care always Sis!

  13. I thought the dog was going to pee on a box at the beginning. Also i'm pretty sure it's the accent but she called the nails "trashy" repeatedly instead of the French pronunciation Tres she

  14. 39 minutes long video? Yes please 😍 love your unboxing and you look so gorg in that makeup and hair 😍😍😍♥️♥️ ig: noorulhudaaa1

  15. Haha your dog makes me laugh so much . 😂😂😂 would love to see a review on the Vanity Australia stuff as iv never heard of them and I’m from Aus💗

  16. I am new a subscriber to you around 7 or 8 months now oh my god how did i missed these videos😫😫😫 but dont worry i have watched 90 passend of your posts 🥰🥰🥰 (because i am just started to interesting about make up )to be honest i left some messages to your other post already because i liked a lot.Most of the infulencers just showing expensive and just what they like but you are showing every item cheap or expesive and giving the right honest revievs.I dont use and dont know how to use internet a lot sorry cant follow you from everywhere.But here you have got me.

  17. @dorkie_inc i really hope i win this time i love ur videos ur the best youtuber ever i love u so much i know i dont comment alot but i watch ur videos all the time im in the middle of watching ur old videos back in the day i love them xoxoxoxoxo ur the best wish i could meet u xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  18. I only have 2 kylie lip kits but I love them and have been keen to try the kits with the glosses but now im undecided as you said youre not a fan 🤷‍♀️ if anyone here wants to share their thoughts id appreciate it

  19. i love how you are soooo appreciative of everything!! ive been watching you from the start and youve grown so much as a person, and career wise and its so amazing to watch! youre such an inspiration to me 🙂

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