9 thoughts on “Matrix Hormones TRT Clinic Review, Coupon Code, Discount Code! $200 Off! Pay as you go!

  1. Okay wait, now I'm confused, how is it that Royal Medical can no longer provide HCG (but has replaced it with Gonadorelin) but Matrix can provide HCG? I would be interested in starting a TRT protocol with Matrix if they have adequate supplies of HCG and won't be running out soon.

  2. Also, Matrix doesn’t require a doctor’s physical like some other clinics. Ken had explained to me some change in law pertaining to out of state telemedicine, where a physical is actually no longer needed. He would be able to expand on it and explain it better.

  3. Kenny Marple from Matrix is great. He is the medical director and owner, and def knows his shit. I started with them and just went for my bloodwork yesterday, with a followup next week..I’m 43 and have been suffering from low T symptoms for over 10 years and doctors have been no help..tired of going from doctor to doctor paying copays trying to find a doctor who understands hormones and is willing to look past just numbers. Looking forward to how this progresses w/ Matrix

  4. Thanks for this review and insight. I have been with RMMC for just over a year, and though they were great in the beginning, communication and Tx talks have been abysmal once they have had my treatment "contract" secured. Glad to know there is another company that is centered on accessibility and patient/ provider communications. Will have to check out the Matrix group for sure! 👍

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