28 thoughts on “MONK MANUAL | DAILY PLANNER REVIEW + Discount code!

  1. more than a year later,,, thank you! I have been praying about this and you have helped me decide. So glad your discount still works Thank you, Amanda!

  2. Aww I am watching this almost a year to the date you filmed (Aug 13, 2020) and sad that I missed this discount. I have struggled with planners for so long, never getting "planner peace". So I stopped watching videos and started using a notebook for a modified kind of bullet journal system. But it's been lacking in focus and I have been feeling like I need a reset. So I LOVED watching this video (I came came here from your best 5 for 2020 video. Had a sick day from work cause I was physically not well but a lot of that had been due to stresses in my life, but that's a whole other story!)
    I really love this Monk system and may just give it a try.
    Thank you Amanda – I don't know if you'll ever see this comment a year on, but pls keep doing what you do and being real and authentic about your life and your connection with God. You just never know how it will help someone out there. I feel excited about trying again! God bless you 🙏🏾🎉♥️

  3. One could use the word 'Universe' in place of God…..just in case…. And thanks for touching on whether or not that was part of the Monk Manual…Excellent review.

  4. Great video. Just want to make sure you know that God does not belong to Christianity. Judaism, Islam, and many other religions believe in and worship God. Blessings! 🌹

  5. So…not only is the planner really really cool, I love the story at the end. This seems so great for living more intentionally. I turned 50 a couple of weeks ago, and the one thing I know is that I don't want to spend the next 25 years (hopefully I have them!) on autopilot like I spent the last 25. Thanks for the video! I would've never known about this.

  6. Your top 5 favorites of daily planners brought me here. I was really thinking about getting the daily duo with ECLP, but this one caught my eye because I love the simplicity and this really called me. I am not a stickers or washi tape type person as most people are with the ECLP. I love the idea of having a monthly, weekly and daily layouts in one book – that makes me super happy. Thank you so much for showing this to us. I am really looking forward to this purchase.

  7. I enjoyed the clarity and speed in which this info was shared. Thank you. It's 1-7-20 and the code still worked for 20% off (instead of 10%). Thank you for that too! I was going to design my own planner pages and have them spiral bound at Staples (if they still do that), but this planner seems like something I can use without going through all the design work. I REALLY don't like the dots (or the grid) that it seems like every planner throws in there these days. Not sure why, but it's distracting and annoying, but I have some post-its with built-in tabs that are designed to use in planners, which I can stick over top of that in order to use that space without my eye twitching 😉 Your presentation was wonderful. I'd love to hear you review more products.

  8. Can you review The Happiness Planner, please? It reminds me of the Monk Manual and I can't decide between the two.

  9. Thanks for doing this review. I backed this planner when it was a Kickstarter project and boy, is it great! I was using it for 2 full months from mid-June to late August and I loved it. When the fall started I switched to another planner, which was more productivity oriented, and I found myself missing the Monk Manual. Most planners are about getting stuff done and accomplishing your goals. I realized I'm not fully that way. So I have returned it and will use it for all of December. What do I love about it? The whole concept of planning our months, weeks, days in a healthy way. I am a Christian and a trained Spiritual Director and this fits me and my life so well. I love the daily questions and prompts. They kept me grounded, centered and emotionally/spiritually aware & healthy. I am now just appreciating what it looks like to plan my months and weeks.

  10. Thanks for sharing this planner. I was I purchased it immediately after watching this review. My only regret is that I didn't find it before the 20% code went to 10%.

  11. Amanda I’m curios do you plan your daily pages ahead of time? Currently my daughter (HS Senior) and I sit down Sunday afternoon to create our weekly spread. It’s our time to spend together and also share to dos for the week. The Monk Manuel has me very intrigued. Do you use both your PP and MM?

  12. for any other international purchasers, I ordered mine the same hour Amamda dropped her video (sept 4 my time) and my parcel just arrived this morning (sept 30 my time). It took them a week to dispatch the parcel (which annoyed me a little), three and a half weeks shipping time (slow, even to New Zealand). When i purchased they only had one shipping option. My Jet Pens orders get here in under a week by standard USPS.

  13. "Printed In China." Saint Benedict wouldn't have liked that (localism in production is one of the important aspect of the Benedictines way). And the price can fewer be accepted, this known, alas.

  14. Thank you for another outstanding review! I ordered this Monk Manual immediately after viewing your video. I already purchased and love the Smart Planner (Daily) that you reviewed earlier, but couldn't resist the opportunity to compare the two at a 20% discounted price! The Monk Manual's smaller size is already giving it an edge, but…. Thanks again for such thorough reviews.

  15. I just placed my order. I have been waiting for you to do this review ever since you first showed it on your channel.

  16. This may be my work planner for next year. I work in a trauma hospital in the lab, and I need all of this. I am not Christian but I can use that God section to say: I will not choke my coworkers lol. This will help me not be as stressed out and to focus on the patient, which is who we serve.

  17. I think I’ve heard you mention that you have a chronic illness. Would you consider doing a video on how you use your planners to manage your health?

  18. When I started this video I thought it was going to be the planner that has 4 daily layouts per spread… once I got over that I really liked it! Lol. I love that he was thinking about his son when designing it because I was thinking it might be a good thing to do with my 9 year old son now. He has some anxiety and we are trying to get him to talk more about his feelings. What a great night time activity it would be to sit with him and fill the daily page out together!

  19. Thanks! I am a daily planner, so this is great! I am currently using the Panda Planner, this one is similar however some of the prompts are different. I may consider changing it up. The only thing is the monthly boxes are so small, and this is where I plan ahead for appts, work schedule, birthdays, anniversary, and my son’s school events.

  20. Thank you so much. This planner really spoke to me: so much so I just ordered 4. (Nothing like jumping in to the deep end!) And I am CELEBRATING because they ship internationally and it was a perfectly reasonable cost! And yes, your code took another 20% off the total order cost. I'm just thrilled.

  21. This is exciting! I have been thinking about using a daily planner in addition to my EC and this could be the one.

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