1. Pas ce soir. Ahhhhhh. I bought a decant of this on maxaroma but I’m so happy to hear your reviews. Gris Chanel wasn’t my favorite; same girl same.

  2. This video is checking all the boxes ✅ Headband, Face Beat, Brooch Chic, BDK on deck👏🏽 Imma just need someone to check the “bucks” box when I come off this faux no-buy I’m on💰 (it was a real no buy till I “accidentally” bought Greenwich Village 😆)!

  3. LOOKING BEAUTIFUL as always Love all Brands of BDK waiting for Samples looking and SMELLING like Money FRAGRANCE for LIFE 😘

  4. I've had a few fragrance one night stand, lol I too need to start spending more time with a decent & experience a fragrance before jumping the gun, having said that I took advantage of your discount code & Pa Ce Soir hit all the right spot😋 I know I'm a mess😂😂😂

  5. Hi beautiful! Rouge Smoking and Gris Charnel are amazing! I need to try a few more from this house. Great review! 😘🤗💕🥰

  6. I’ve been waiting for this video!!!! I have all the ones you named. Give Tabac Rose a whiff…. in my opinion it’s a more flowery version of OUD Bouquet. It’s weird at first but the dry down is beautiful.

  7. I like your philosophy. Decluttering videos are brutals and I find them really annoying. Your suggestions are precious. I think our taste is very similar and I feel I can also try a blind buy. Thank you!

  8. Hey miss flawless 😍 I’m so excited for this review because I’ve had Tuberose Imperiale on my mind. I literally just ordered Bond 9 signature scent this morning off your recommendation. I love how honest you are and I can trust to buy something you have. Because I know you don’t play!😍

  9. I bought a fragrance and received a sample of Bouquet De Hongrie I really like it, Great Video I’m very happy that your discount went up!

  10. Hey AI. I've heard lots about BDK recently, so I am so happy you've done this video. I just grabbed a beverage, and I'm posted babe 🙌🏽💕 Gang GANG

  11. Girl it was a toss up for me with Rouge smoking and Pa Ce Soir. Pa Ce Soir won. Yea you can't listen to hype you just have to know what works for you and so glad you didn't give up on Gris Charnel bc it's definitely where the money resides that's why it was my 1st. Love it!

  12. Hey Ai_ you’re looking so pretty the headband the popping lip color life all the way 💯✅ I know I would love the Rouge Smoking because I love Hypnotic Poison and I do think I would like the Pas Ce Soir because I like ginger I have Origins ginger essence skin scent Thanks again 👍🏾

  13. Thank you for giving us your honest reviews, opinions & recommendations. As a subbie I value that soo much. I agree, I’ve seen reviewers hype up frags then declutter. It’s weird and IMO dishonest.

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