28 thoughts on “my first try on haul since my surgery!! 😛🛍 missguided haul w discount code ad

  1. 🌷Such a Great Video🌷
    Omfg they all looK cute as hell on u
    😁Yesssssss gurl i see u😁
    😚Your BeautiFul Self😚
    MaKeup always on point
    🤗Nice cheeks structure🤗
    Hope u Enjoying your Bless Weekend
    😇Stay Safe N Be bless Too😇

  2. I loveeee that slouchy peachy dress! Looks so comfy yet a lil classy 👀 Also that blue sweatshirt and playboy hoodie look so warm and comfortable!❤

  3. I love the Playboy and Chicago hoodie on you 😍 And can we get into your meme references ! Hope you're well love, sending hugs ♡

  4. You look so happy! The whole haul was stunning. I love the body suit and the rugby jersey! And of course the hoodie is a must.

  5. Dani is my favorite youtuber and one of the reasons I started YouTube. She isn't perfect but I love the honesty and transparency on her channel

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