1. Who can help me to do all the heists in gta5 online? I am looking for a partner?
    Please repply your contact! I will contact you as soon as i see

  2. Hey brother I don’t know if you know this but it’s free to respray cars when you steal them for Simon. And there is a time limit to get it to his garage. I think that’s new

  3. Hi TGG, I have a question that is unrelated to this video. If I own a CEO vehicle warehouse but not the crates warehouse, will I able to assign a technician to the cargo and shipments of nightclub warehouse management?

  4. Yo TGG I came back to your channel to say thank you a few months ago I watched your rags to riches video and at the time I had 200k and after watching your video I am now at 20 million dollars and have literally everything in the game so, I appreciate your help

  5. hello, i tried to figure out discord, no luck, is there anyone anywhere that can help me in gta online, it is so difficult to seek help for rockstars games

  6. Why cant I type in the discord server?
    I do not have permission to type but I do not know how to get permission.
    Can soneone help me?

  7. The fact that i saw TGG's CHANNEL GROW SO FAST makes me feel pathetic i have been here when he was like under 50k an d i just kept on watching and watching

  8. @TGG fun idea not sure if its been done but is it possible to make 4 oppression mkII act as the base and make any car fly 🤔

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