39 thoughts on “New Legendary Bounty and Discounts: Today's Weekly update in Red Dead Online

  1. The armored wagon would be pointless anyway because it will probably follow the same rules as other wagons. Meaning if the horse pulling it dies or gets detached then the wagon itself is considered destroyed. Would still be fun to mess with but still worthless. Still, wagons in general should be buyable. And we also should be allowed to use our own horses to pull them after buying the proper gear to attach them. Also need to be able to detach and reattach them to the wagon. Then the wagon would be more useful.

  2. I love that War Wagon to be Honest that's the only reason why I have replayed this new bounty 7 times. My Friends and I Go on a killing streak with that Wagon. I wish we could buy it in Free Roam even if we Needed Rank 30 Bounter Hunting and Rank 100 as a player and pay 10000 Dollars I would buy that Wagon. Rockstar Already made it Drivable so just put it in the Stables for us to Buy. Thanks for the Video Cat. 😎👍😎👍😎👍

  3. Thanks for the info! Just wondering if anyone else has been experiencing a very buggy, laggy, and glitchy game? I'm on PS4

  4. I bought the elephant rifle but I dont know what to use it in can someone tell me a situation that it might be useful please

  5. Wish we could buy her sombrero (or get it as a reward for completing the mission on 5-star-difficulty). – Was able to pick it up the first time, but now it seems to disappear when she leaves the wagon.

  6. anyone get their $400 and 10 gb back from buying the outlaw pass before the 7th? i bought mine before the 7th and haven't gotten anything yet :/

  7. Cat can you make a video about best way to earn gold other than keeping daily streak? i know it has nothing to do with pvp, but thanks

  8. Del Lobos man i love those bastards they look fucking badass they more strong and savage than O'driscolls and Raiders… But they are just NPC's thats the bad thing 🙁

  9. i just climbed on a barn and shot her arm till she got out then used a core food and a level three tonic so i wouldnt die

  10. This is the most bugged bounty yet. If you sneak up to her and hogtie her before she gets into the war wagon, it glitches her into the wagon automatically. Don't even try bollas, she's impervious until tge war wagon is destroyed or she is shot out. Only way I got her before the war wagon is to kill her or knock her out

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