35 thoughts on “New wheel of discount event in free fire in tamil // wheel of discount event in Tamil //

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  2. In Rooter App I uploaded a video on 13th October in contest and it has now 18 likes. In contest it was 18 points. Now I have uploaded a video in contest but the points are reduced. Pls help me Anna

  3. Bro 1st I got 80%off and I buy rock star bundle for 124 daimond and in second spin I got 99%off and I buy lequita character for 4 daimond I am so 😊😊😊Happy

  4. Bro i got 99 % in first discount and got karate emote in 3 diamonds…in second in got 80% discount and purchased rock star bundle bro…i got diamonds in spin to ff diamonds app bro..thank u so much bro ..we will support you bro.. keep rocking bro..

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