34 thoughts on “NEW XBOX GAME DISCOUNTS | Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion, Star Wars Squadrons + MORE

  1. Call of duty cold war… bruh they wanna charge me the extra price for cross gen bundle to play the next gen optimised version… and here i was thinking scalpers were assholes.

  2. One question, if I get the new assassins Creed for my One X, later when I get the series X will I get any graphical free update?

  3. Please bring the digital version of amazing Spider-Man 2 back to the Xbox store!!!! Please I don't want to pay $150 just to get a copy of one off of Amazon people are literally starving for that game… If we can't play amazing Spider-Man 2 original Xbox One title because of Sony then I want to see all things Xbox removed from Sony including Minecraft dungeons pubg anything that is a Microsoft studio please remove from Sony unless you can bring amazing Spider-Man to back a game that isn't even developed by a Sony developer. If Sony has a prejudice against our market then we need to meet them with equal retaliation. Fight fire with fire, where did amazing Spider-Man 2 go from the Xbox store huh ? If we can't get our Xbox game back that was made for Xbox then I'm demanding take away Minecraft and all things Xbox from Sony I would even take away Doom I would make it so a digital copy of Doom couldn't even be purchased on the Sony store at all, it all needs to be removed in equal retaliation

  4. Disclaimer SHOULD be told during this video but hey guess Microsoft just wants to waste your time and money. “ YOU CAN NOT PURCHASE A GAME FOR A FRIEND AS A GIFT IF THEY DONT LIVE IN THE SAME COUNTRY” however some countries have a refund policy that over-rights Microsoft’s refund policy’s

  5. I'm tired of hearing about how great games play on the "next generation" consoles when the next generation isn't available outside of scalpers. I'm glad the reviewers got their consoles. IJS it's not super helpful to us stuck in the "current gen"

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