23 thoughts on “NEW YEARS WEEKLY UPDATE! Double Money & Discounts | GTA Online Weekly Update

  1. TGG!!!! Video Idea: Let low lvl ppl ride very expensive vehicles ( oppressors, tanks, etc.) and see what they do with it. XD

  2. Have you noticed that if u do the arms dealers dedtroy prep in cayo perico, the one close to jail always one shots you from air if ur in opressor mark 2

  3. Bro you are one of my favorite gta youtubers, u are the main person i go to for any gta 5 guides or tutorials and u deserve a million subs, thx for the great content:)

  4. What the hell's going on? What are you doing man? Where are some new videos? Hope you're not getting lazy bro..We all depend on you for content.

  5. Can you test a glitch for me in the cayo perico heist when you finish the heist when you get a transaction pending you’re supposed to disconnect your Internet and then go back online you know it worked if you got the money and it still says you haven’t done the heist yet

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